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Sat 11 September 2021


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Social media was recently brought to life with a video featuring a mix of music, visuals, dance and cultural elements from various parts of Indonesia. Entitled “Wonderland Indonesia”, the video, created by Alffy Rev and his teams, went viral and was quick to become the first trending video on YouTube with millions of views. After the video went viral on social media, many began to wonder who this video maker was?

Alffy, a 26-year-old content creator who creatively combines music with stunning visuals, is already well known to internet users, especially YouTube users. Alffy is known to combine patriotic songs, folk songs with DJ samplers. While many young people create and upload their work to social and digital media platforms, Alffy’s “Wonderland Indonesia” has been selected to receive production support from the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Ahmad Mahendra, director of the Ministry of Cinema, Music and New Media, said there were a lot of works by young Indonesians promoting Indonesian culture and its traditional fine arts uploaded to social media. . However, these works often did not catch the attention of the country’s major media platforms.

“Media attention in Indonesia to culture or cultural works is clearly still needed, especially to compensate for the rapid entry of foreign cultures and cultural products,” Ahmad said.

Nowadays, advanced digital technologies are now part of everyday life and even impact cultural works, with many examples of projects that combine traditional cultural arts with digital technology. The young generation is taking advantage of digital technology, both to create new pieces and to organize collaboration between creators. These works created by young people have succeeded in uplifting cultural values ​​considered old in the contemporary world with the help of technology. Digital technology has been able to translate the creative ideas of young people into beautiful pieces to savor.

. (Courtesy of the Ministry of Education and Culture /.)

Young people need support and encouragement for their work, both from the government, but also from the news media or audiovisual media such as television. Currently, the media is still focused on content that will go viral. But in addition to that, decent cultural works must also be highlighted. In addition to cultivating a sense of pride and appreciation, it can be an inspiration to other young people.

This is what prompts the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology to launch a new television channel called IndonesianaTV which specifically broadcasts programs on history, art and culture. This digital television channel also follows the behavior of young media viewers. That is why it can be watched through the website, laptop, cell phone, even IndiHome TV subscription or UseeTV.

The diversity of Indonesian rich culture clearly inspires Alffy in his videos. As foreign culture flows into the country, many young people are still able to see the rich Indonesian culture and use it as a source of inspiration for their art.

Nana, bassist for D’Cinnamons, from Bandung, West Java, said traditional music was important, not only in the notation, but in the musical feelings it created that inspired it. to make new music.

“I hope that more media platforms will discuss and examine these works so that more young people are interested in artistic and cultural creation. Let’s wait for more content from Alffy and other young Indonesians, ”he said.


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