Bali monitors tourism businesses that violate local culture

TEMPO.CO, JakartaBali Governor Wayan Koster said on Tuesday that the provincial government is set to set up a joint operations team to police businesses in the tourism industry and apply penalties to those who violate local regulations. .

“I will not compromise and those who break the rules will not be tolerated,” the governor said May 31. antaranews reported. “Everything must remain in order.”

Koster urges business owners to maintain a balance between nature, residents and culture on Dewata Island, a popular term for Bali. There are 15 aspects of local policy that must be adhered to by businesses overseen by Bali Regional Regulation No. 5/2020 and Governor’s Decree and its derivatives.

Aspects of the regulations govern the use of Balinese script for nameplates up to tourist facilities and the use of traditional Bali cabinets on certain days. Local laws also regulate the use of ingredients in alcoholic beverages and require the use of traditional salty products and restrict the use of single-use plastics.

According to Governor Koster, the implementation of these policies and guidelines will be beneficial and have an impact on enhancing the appearance of Balinese cultural identity, character and local community identity in front of domestic tourists and international.

“Revitalize the tourism ecosystem for the better by enhancing the harmony of life between the elements of nature, humans and Balinese culture in Niskala (spiritual) and sakala (physical),” the governor of Bali said.


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