John Hardy and HANDEP showcase the beauty of Dayak art and culture

Open through July 30, 2022, visit John Hardy Boutique & Gallery in Seminyak to learn about the tradition of Dayak indigenous art and culture.

Support the preservation and development of the indigenous Dayak traditions, communities and cultures of Kalimantan by visiting the Dayak Arts and Culture Dayak Arts (DANCE) 2022 Exhibition: Bringing the Cultural Heritage of Kalimantan Rainforests by HANDEP.

Maintained at John Hardy Shop and Gallery in Seminyak until July 30, 2022, find various events and workshops during the exhibition, from weaving workshops to series of conferences. Inside the Balinese-inspired two-story boutique and gallery, guests can learn from HANDEP’s team of Dayak curators, designers and artisans. They create a cultural journey, telling stories to help us understand the evolving and vulnerable connection between community, culture and nature.

The Dayak Arts Dayak Arts and Cultural Exhibition (DANCE) 2022: Bringing the Cultural Heritage of Kalimantan Rainforests by HANDEP to John Hardy Boutique & Gallery in Seminyak

Founded by Randi Julian Miranda, HANDEP was born to support village communities, preserve Kalimantan’s remaining rainforests, and foster a true connection between makers and buyers. The company currently supports over 400 indigenous artisans and smallholders in 11 villages in Kalimantan, Banten and North Bali.

True to John Hardy’s commitment to supporting craftsmanship and activism against environmental, racial and gender inequality; the exhibition richly complements the jewelry collection and immersive experience of the Seminyak boutique and gallery. Extend your visit with a refreshing cocktail at Jamu Bar or book a modern indonesian private dining experience at The Long Table.

Open daily from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Contact John Hardy Boutique & Gallery in Seminyak for more information regarding dates and workshop and lecture bookings on WhatsApp +62 811 3811 8003

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