Prime Minister Modi warns against ‘free revdi culture’, says practice harmful to country’s progress

Jalaun, Uttar Pradesh, July 16: Addressing a huge crowd after the inauguration of the Bundelkhand four-lane highway in Jalaun, Uttar Pradesh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi denounced those who resorted to collecting of votes by distributing “free revdi” (candy) involving gifts offered by political parties, a practice which, according to him, must be removed from the political life of the country.

Prime Minister Modi on Saturday inaugurated the four-lane Bundelkhand highway in Jalaun, Uttar Pradesh, which will link Chitrakoot with the Lucknow-Agra highway.

“This Revdi culture is very dangerous for the development of the country. Those who have the Revdi culture will never build new highways, new airports or defense corridors for you. Together we must overcome this thought, remove the Revdi culture from the politics of the country,” the prime minister said.

Prime Minister Modi added that BJP’s dual-powered governments in the States and Center are not resorting to ‘short cuts to distribute free revdi’ but are ‘working hard to improve the future of the state’ .

He further pointed out that “if two things – the law and order situation and connectivity needed to be fixed, I knew this would become a state that could fight against all odds. We improved both of them. The situation law and order improves, as does connectivity.”

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PM Modi inaugurates 296 km Bundelkhand highway in UP

The prime minister also urged the public to steer clear of anything that may hamper the country’s development.

“No work should be done in a country whose basis is not tied to the present aspirations and bright future of India. Whatever hinders the development of the country and harms it, we must hold it in check. ‘gap,’ Prime Minister Modi continued.

PM Modi inaugurates 296 km Bundelkhand highway in UP

“I have come to Bundelkhand, the country of Rani Laxmi Bai, I pray the people of more than 6 lakh villages in India that when we celebrate the 75th anniversary of independence, it is our responsibility to start making the sheet of road from now on, Ceremonies should be held in every village for the coming month to remember people who sacrificed and freedom fighters,” he said.

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