Brandy Melville’s “Devilish” Culture – Peloton Clothing Brand – Vietnam’s “Last Heaven”


Happy Friday, readers! Welcome to another edition of Insider Life. This week, Brandy Melville employees describe the poisonous conditions of the fast fashion brand, and a French couple give us a glimpse of their sprawling Balinese villa. Plus, we get a glimpse of Phu Quoc, an island once considered Vietnam’s “last paradise”.

Now, without further ado …

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Girl with the Brandy Melville sign

Courtesy of Weathered Signs

Brandy Melville employees have come forward to describe a cult brand for teenagers “evil” – a brand where they say executives share texts containing racist, sexist and anti-Semitic jokes and discriminate against workers who are not young, thin, beautiful and white.

What workers are saying about the Brandy Melville culture.

The new Peloton clothing collection


Peloton launched his own clothing brand, putting it in direct competition with Lululemon and Nike, brands with which he had previously partnered. Called Peloton Apparel, the clothing line will offer a mix of styles for men, women and gender-neutral, costing between $ 15 and $ 118.

Get the recap on Peloton Apparel.

A deserted beach in Vietnam

Andia / Contributor / Getty Images

Phu Quoc was once considered Vietnam’s ‘last paradise’, with white sandy beaches and thriving forest ecosystems. But now development has accelerated across the island, adding thousands of villas and hotel rooms, clubs and a casino – and changing the identity of the island.

How Phu Quoc became an unrecognizable version of himself.

Darcy Stacom, Head of NYC Capital Markets Group at CBRE, with wreath hanging from her hand surrounded by StuyTown apartments, the GM building, Chelsea Market signage and the Chrysler building with the Statue of Liberty and pigeons behind her on a red background.

Brendan McDermid / Reuters; Samantha Lee / Insider

For years, Darcy Stacom ruled the New York City commercial real estate scene, grossing $ 60 billion in sales and earning the title “Queen of the Skyscrapers.” But staff members say behind the accolades hides an impetuous leader who throws things away, berates underlings and makes employees’ lives miserable.

In the world of the queen of skyscrapers Darcy Stacom.

An exterior photo of the main villa of Villa Zelie in Bali.

Courtesy of Villa Zélie

In 2011, a French couple bought a villa in Bali without ever having seen it in person – and soon realized that they had stumbled upon a real oasis. The couple spent two years transforming the property into a private resort with five bedrooms, 10 lodges and a 60-foot pool.

Take a peek inside the sprawling villa.

woman shopping and smiling at camera

Veronique surla

By day, Ania Schwartzman is a school psychologist who helps students navigate their school and social lives. But at night and on weekends, she’s a personal stylist, helping to create the perfect wardrobe for top New York professionals.

Find out what it’s like to be a professional image consultant in New York City.


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