Who got knocked out of Dance Deewane 3 this week!


Dance Deewane 3 Elimination October 2, 2021: Who is eliminated from Dance Deewane 3 this week: Here we are with the written update to the episode of “Dance Deewane 3” from October 2, 2021. The episode begins with a lot of fun and entertainment. The show’s host will host the most famous personality, Sonakshi Sinha, as a guest. Dance Deewane 3 Elimination, she looks gorgeous in a printed dress. This will amaze you tonight as the participants are ready to entertain the audience and the judges. They practiced a lot so that they could also impress the guest of tonight’s episode with their tremendous performances.

Deewane Dance 3 Elimination

There are going to be almost fascinating performances by Rupesh and Piyush. Both will set the scene on fire. Their movements will be so eye-catching and they portray an emotional story with their actions. And that keeps the judges and the public connected to their act. Sonakshi compliments them: “You are amazing and I felt like I was sitting in a theater and watching TV.” Layer Rupeszh asks a guest to sing a song and Rupesh will play the guitar. Meanwhile, Piyush takes advantage of the stage and dances with Sonakshi. It creates a huge girl on the show.

Dance Deewane 3 Elimination This Week – Who’s Elimination In DD3 This Week – Dance Deewane Season 3 Elimination

There is another more rock and electrifying performance from Sohail and Aman. They will both amaze you with their strong movements. They describe the story of a child who was afraid of a prankster. As they play, the judges’ eyes are glued to them. The audience goes crazy with their performance. After that, we will also enjoy a performance from Gunjan. She and her guru both give a hilarious performance and their act makes everyone laugh. (Bigg Boss 5 Telugu elimination on October 2, 2021: Who got kicked out of Bigg Boss Telugu 5 this weekend!)

Dance Deewane 3 competitors in the top 10

Sr no. Candidate Name Status
1 Pallavi Tolye
In the Top 10
2 Aman Kumar Raj
In the Top 10
3 Gunjan sinha In the Top 10
4 Arundhati Garnaik In the Top 10
5 Piyush Gurbhele In the Top 10
6 Saddam Sheikh
In the Top 10
7 Soochana chorrge In the Top 10
8 Sohail Khan In the Top 10

Apart from that we also have a most entertaining performance from Somansh, he makes the judges very happy with his performance. He dances to “Khali Bali Ho Gya Dil” and the moves he presented are so appealing and lucrative that audiences go crazy for him. They received many compliments from the judges.

Deewane Dance 3 Eliminated List of competitors

Sr no. Candidate Name Status
1 Creative dance team
2 Uday singh
3 Presha Shah Eliminated
4 Sahil & Anjali
5 Papai-Antara Eliminated
6 Jamna
7 Panvelkars Eliminated
8 Yogesh Asawale
9 Ajay-Shilpa Phalke Eliminated
ten Somansh dangwal Eliminated

So there will be more performances like this in the nighttime episode. The judges will be seen giving many praise and compliments to the participants. So don’t forget to watch the full episode on the color tv channel at 8 p.m. The episode will make your Saturday happy and you will be able to release the stress of the whole week with the fabulous performances of the competitors.


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