George Clooney reveals his dance moves are put to good use both on and off set

George Clooney has said he uses his comedic dance moves both on and off the set, after showing off his dancing in his latest project.

The 61-year-old Hollywood actor stars alongside his good friend and fellow actress Julia Roberts in the upcoming movie Ticket To Paradise.

The film follows divorced couple David and Georgia, played by 54-year-old Clooney and Roberts respectively, as they are forced to reunite in an attempt to talk their daughter out of marrying a Balinese seaweed farmer she meets on a farm. ‘a travel.

Speaking of a scene from the film, in which Clooney and Roberts both show off their drunken dancefloor moves, Clooney told the PA News Agency, “That’s how I dance, those are my moves!”

While on the red carpet at the film’s Leicester Square premiere in London, Roberts confirmed, “Those are his shots!”

To which Clooney replied, “Yeah, I really like those moves in general.”

Julia Roberts and George Clooney at the Ticket To Paradise premiere in London (Ian West/PA)

The romantic comedy, which is slated for release on September 16, sees American actress Kaitlyn Dever play the role of Roberts and Clooney’s daughter who travels to Bali with her best friend Wren, played by Billie Lourd.

Clooney and Roberts also wondered if they would behave the same way as their on-screen characters if one of their children decided to run away overseas.

Roberts, who has three teenagers, said: “I wouldn’t and George would.”

To which Clooney jokingly added, “I’m a little smarter than her!”

He continued, “I don’t know what I would do.

“The good news is that I’m so old that I won’t even have to worry about it.

“I’ll be on a walker scrubbing my bread, so it really won’t matter.”

Clooney shares two young children, Ella and Alexander, with his wife, international human rights lawyer Amal Clooney.

Dever, 25, shared his “crazy” experience of working with Clooney and Roberts while filming the film in Australia.

“I am always dazzled. I love them so much,” she told PA.

World Premiere of Ticket to Paradise

Kaitlyn Dever stars in Ticket To Paradise (Ian West/PA)

She added: “I am now, I think, maybe beyond the starstruck point, because I know them now!

“But I love them both so much, and what I love about their friendship is that it’s so real and they have real love for each other and it really shows when you’re on set with them.

“George loves making Julia laugh, and Julia loves making George laugh. It’s literally the best thing you can do.

“I was like a kid in a candy store.”

The film also stars Maxime Bouttier as Dever’s on-screen fiancé, Gede, and Lucas Bravo as Roberts’ young boyfriend, Paul.

Clooney and Roberts, who previously starred side-by-side in films such as Ocean’s Eleven and Money Monster, also produced Ticket To Paradise.

Ticket To Paradise hits UK cinemas on September 16.

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