6 dance shows to attend at Expo 2020 Dubai



Expo 2020 Dubai will introduce visitors to traditional dances from around the world through a series of performances throughout the six-month event. Here are some shows you can’t miss.

  • Malaysian removals

    The Malaysian Pavilion presents a multitude of performances every day showcasing the country’s diverse heritage, with a variety of traditional music and dances.

  • Popular Moroccan Event

    The Moroccan pavilion hosts a daily show that features traditional dances and music performed at weddings, parties and festivals across the country.

  • Manuel Liñan

    Manuel Liñán is a renowned flamenco dancer. For his performance on November 30 at the Spanish pavilion, he will be accompanied by singer David Carpio de Jerez, in a conceptual flamenco show that oscillates between tradition and avant-garde.

  • hungarian show

    On December 2, trumpeter Barabás Lörinc will present a show mixing dance grooves and meditative atmospheres, while juggling keyboards, trumpet, effects and more.

  • Rocky Mountain Ballet Theater

    The Rocky Mountain Ballet Theater, which began in 1998, will travel to the American Pavilion on December 9 for a ballet performance.

  • Tribal beats

    The Tribal Beats Festival, which runs from December 16-18, will be a cultural celebration that will represent communities from Mali to Mauritania, China to South Africa and more.

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