Melbourne residents seen brazenly flout lockdown laws at dance party


Around 200 Melbourne residents have been seen attending a street dance party in Northcote despite the current lockdown.

Around 200 Melbourne residents have been seen blatantly breaking the foreclosure laws currently imposed on the Victorian capital.

People were captured grouped together and drinking in the street at an outdoor dance event outside the Peacock Inn on High Street in Northcote.

The revelers who directly violated social distancing requirements had purchased drinks from nearby bottle shops before gathering on the sidewalk with music.

The Herald Sun reported that a local who saw the event expressed concern about the implications the party might have on the community.

“It’s a tunnel of people breathing on top of each other,” he said.

“If a person is crossing over with Covid, you’re really going to have a problem. “

Several people who spoke to the Herald Sun have expressed concern about the violation of public health orders.

“I have a feeling that will happen with the shutdown of everything, which will have a bad effect on business,” a local business owner told the newspaper.

Various photos and images from the event have sparked outrage on social media from those who have followed the lockdown laws.

“Lockdown in Northcote, people are no longer giving rats what the dictator says ‘highly contagious and deadly’, seems a bigger rooftop DJ,” one person tweeted.

“They are thumbing their noses at the authorities but only hurting themselves and everyone else, so the more they thumb their nose, the longer the lockdown will last,” another wrote.

The congregation quickly dispersed around 3 p.m. when four police officers arrived to stop the party.

The event comes the day after a similar event in Richmond on Saturday night.

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews was furious with those who attended the “Walk.” Speak. Sipping. ”Picking.

“A pub crawl, and that’s what it was, in Richmond last night isn’t worth it,” he said.

“It just isn’t worth it. None of us should do anything that potentially spreads this virus, because this virus is not something that no one wants to catch. “

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