Night Owl Cinematics denounces the “toxic” culture and the infidelity of the founder


Update: Night Owl Cinematics Lawyers to Demand Removal of “Malicious Attacks”

The YouTube Night Owl Cinematics collective is blowing up in streams today after being called anonymously for all manner of alleged misconduct.

Conversations and recordings allegedly from employees and co-founder Sylvia Chan surfaced via Instagram, where one account cited current and former employees complaining about the chain’s work ethic, toxic culture, and Chan’s misdeeds, including allegations she insulted employees and rumors of infidelity.

Colgate and Milo drop Night Owl Cinematics founder accused of fostering ‘toxic’ culture

Messages on the Sgickenrice The account, which racked up more than 10,000 followers in six days, includes negative job reviews of former employees describing a “toxic” work environment and a “disrespectful culture.” They also went into great detail about how the channel’s talents are dealing with the crew “terribly”, overworked employees, and even an office rat issue.

Messages could not be independently verified. Night Owl Cinematics, one of Singapore’s most popular channels with over a million subscribers, has yet to respond publicly. He did not immediately respond to messages seeking comment.

Screenshots of text conversations allegedly originating from Chan called employees “fucking retarded” “fucking shit”, “fucking more“even telling one she named a”selfish noisy bitch “to” talk less. Another text message thread suggests that Chan denounced casual host Samantha Tan as ‘boring’ and a “fucking face. “

Several people have also spread very personal rumors about Chan’s former marriage to co-founder Ryan Tan, both of whom have leveraged their relationship as part of their brand, posing as exemplary business and life partners.

The comments alleged that she had an affair with the co-founder of the buying and selling platform Carousell during their marriage, which ended in divorce last year after 10 years.

“Before [R]Yan and [S]ylvia divorced I saw her behave intimately with Carousell’s boss (Marcus) in a hotel restaurant. She obviously cheated [R]Yan, maybe that’s why they got divorced? the screenshot from the comment an anonymous user wrote.

The company also sent lawyers to arbitrate day-to-day contractual matters rather than a human resources department, with employees complaining that they had not received a response to their recent resignations. Some said they were removed from the channel’s media kit. One claimed “a lack of management support and talent development” and another described his relationship with the channel as “extremely confusing”.

Night Owl is best known for his food reviews, lifestyle vlogs and comedy sketches.

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