Raveena’s new song ‘Rush’ is an ode to dance and acid Bollywood –

While Ravena is known for her wispy R&B stretched with her airy vocals, her new track “Rush” is an upbeat, danceable feast of color that blends multiple worlds together: Technicolor’s ode to Bollywood, which tells the story of a traveling Punjabi princess through space, was inspired by Indian percussion and an acid journey that Raveena took when discovering an oriental sound installation at the Rubin Museum.

The song was written a few years ago and captures what Raveena calls an exploration of a “more intense marriage between the sounds of Bollywood and the pop/R&B music” she grew up on. In the video, which she co-directed with director and photographer Munachi Osegbu, Raveena plays a character she invented called Asha, a Punjabi space princess who befriends the highly intelligent beings of a distant planet. They appear in the video as shimmering puddle-like figures that support Raveena as she performs playful choreography. As their dance sequences end, the song gently transitions into a delicate ballad, backed by the singer’s layered vocals.

After releasing his first album Lucid in 2019, Raveena dropped the four-song EP moon stone. Last year, she released the scintillating single “Tweety.”

From Rolling Stone United States.

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