Dance of the bar girls at the birthday party, corona protocol flouted .. recorded case

Lucknow: A bar girls dance was held at the Fatehpur district child’s birthday party in UP. As soon as the video went viral, the police took action and recorded a case and opened an investigation. The administration imposed Section 144 in the district after some cases of corona were reported in the district. Along with this, instructions were also given to follow Corona’s guidelines. The viral video is told on December 25.

This case concerns Kandhi village in the area of ​​Malwan Police Station in Fatehpur District. December 25 was the birthday of the granddaughter of Suraj Bali Raidas, a resident here. It is alleged that, without obtaining permission from the administration, he organized the little girls’ dance at the birthday party. The village crowd gathered to watch the dance and the corona protocols were violently violated. During this time, people wore masks and no social distancing was observed.

A person at the scene made a video of the incident and went viral on social media. In this regard, DSP Dinesh Mishra said that on the birthday of Surajbali Raidas ‘granddaughter in Kandhi village, in the area of ​​Malwan police station, the bar girls’ dance took place without authorization on December 29. A case has been registered in this case.

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