Baby Shark Dance song and video hit 10 billion views on YouTube

You don’t have to be a parent of a young child to have heard of baby shark – what started as a music video went on to spawn an entire industry, including merchandise, breakfast cereal, a TV series and a movie.

To a repetitive tune most would say boring, it has been delighting young children and having their parents tearing their hair out since its first appearance in 2015.

Since then it has broken many records, the latest being this week when it became the first YouTube video to hit 10 billion views.

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The baby shark dance and video was created by Pinkfong and has just taken it to the next level. (Youtube)

The Baby Shark Dance was created by Pinkfong, an educational children’s brand from South Korean educational entertainment company SmartStudy.

It was one of many versions they produced of the tune, which would have actually started out as a campfire song.

While the video was first posted in 2015, it only really gained prominence three years later when a social media challenge asked fans to record themselves dancing on the melody. The challenge caught the attention of stars like James Corden and even Ellen DeGeneres, who recorded her own version.

He has been breaking records since and has become the most viewed youtube video of all time in 2020.

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Ellen DeGeneres recorded her own version of the catchy tune. (Youtube)

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The Managing Director of SmartStudy said in a statement this week, “We are thrilled to announce that our beloved Baby Shark has achieved another remarkable milestone.”

“It’s been a truly meaningful journey to see how Baby Shark has connected people around the world, and we look forward to showcasing new Baby Shark adventures that will bring unparalleled experiences to even more fans everywhere.”

To celebrate the most recent “special milestone”, Pinkfong guest children all over the world to share their “Baby Shark Dance moments” with the company.

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