Singapore salivates at the Malaysian dance moves of a handsome Burmese (Video)


A Burmese expat has won the insane love of Singapore’s Malay dance scene for his clutch moves.

Philip Ko took out his flowing movements involving quick hand and foot coordination for a TikTok dance challenge that has already been watched over 70,000 times since yesterday. Not only did Ko look incredibly comfortable, but he had the confidence to play with knee high socks on his kitchen floor. It is already blocked.

“On behalf of the Malaysian community here, thank you for trying our traditional dance ️ you did some good !!” Natty.booboo wrote.

It doesn’t hurt to have it ripped and cut to a size that’s easy on the eyes.

As Erma Othman wrote: “Prolly one of the cutest things I saw on TikTok today!”

Another user suggested a name more suited to their Malay dance character.

“Philippe who? You are Firdaus now, ”said Jetijah, referring to the name of a common Malay man.

@ 91_phyol Appreciation of culture through dance. My first time trying so apologies if a mistake #sriwanadancechallenge #sriwana #malaydance ♬ Pucuk Pisang SriwanaDanceChallenge – sriwana1955

We do not fully accept his claim that the movements were not repeated.

“Appreciation of culture through dance. This is the first time I try, I apologize for any mistakes, ”he wrote yesterday.

The dance group, whose history dates back 60 years, launched the #Sriwanadancechallenge in September, which has since spawned endless scrolls of videos that have been viewed nearly 3 million times.

@ sriwana1955 Are you up for the #sriwandancechallenge? Tag us in your video! #malaydance #dancechallenge #sriwana #sriwana ♬ Pucuk Pisang SriwanaDanceChallenge – sriwana1955

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