Coconut mask puts Indonesian man in trouble with cops



Nengah Budiasa, a 44-year-old parking attendant from Bali, Indonesia, has struggled to balance COVID-19 security and do his job.

The latter forces him to stand in the sweltering heat, direct vehicles to a nearby parking lot, and then check them in, as parking attendants do.

But with COVID-19, he also has to wear a face mask. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, until you realize it has to whistle to direct traffic as well. Although he initially used face masks at work, he was often reprimanded for reusing dirty old masks.

His solution: a coconut shell with a special fit for its shiny blue whistle.

While this is certainly an innovative design, the mask’s lack of proper filtration unfortunately led to yet another reprimand.

“It’s difficult to wear a medical mask. I have to use a whistle for the traffic, it gets dirty quickly and people keep protesting a lot,” Budiasa said. But when it comes to his creative coconut mask, the man claims it’s a lot more comfortable and allows him to speak more clearly.

Naturally, the mask attracted a lot of attention, from residents and police. Let’s just say that some people have expressed concerns about the safety of the mask, despite its comfortable and practical design.

The mask has a practical compartment for its whistle. IMAGE: Kabarbalihits / YouTube

And of course, the city police weren’t too happy when they caught him and the coconut mask in action on September 2, 2021.

“He had no intention of breaking the rules, but the mask he uses is inappropriate because it is not what the government recommends. So we helped him by giving him the [right] masks ”, said local police.

IMAGE: Kabarbalihits / YouTube

However, although he was not fined or sent to jail, the man was not going to get away unscathed. Bali has become popular for inflicting unique and original punishments on people who are caught violating COVID-19 safety guidelines.

So what punishment was on the table for Budiasa?

Pumps, on site. It’s still much better than prison! And at least he got a bunch of free masks.

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Cover image from Kabarbalihits / YouTube.


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