Artist sells “invisible” sculpture for $ 18,000



– As innovators try to capitalize on the NFT craze and come up with the latest digital asset for sale, Salvatore Garau’s latest creation is an older work of art that exists in the real world, sort of. The 67-year-old Italian artist has sold Io Sono (“I am”) for just over $ 18,000, but the buyer will never be able to see or touch it, reports Artnet News. In fact, what Garau calls his “intangible sculpture” is “scratching their heads” for art connoisseurs, ”notes WUSA9. That’s because he’s invisible, although Garau insists his creation is more of a “void” than … well, nothing. “The void is nothing more than a space full of energy”, he says Diario AS. “Even if we empty it and there is nothing left, according to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, nothing has any weight.”

For the skeptics, he adds: “After all, don’t we form a God whom we have never seen? Io Sono was originally valued between $ 7,300 and $ 11,000, but a bidding war drove the price up. Garau has already taken the path of the invisible, in particular with his Buddha in contemplation sculpture that had an exhibition in a plaza in Milan, Italy, earlier this year, marked only by a registered plaza in the middle of a cobbled alley. Whoever bought Garau’s last piece gets a certificate of authenticity, along with explicit instructions on how to display it: in a 5ft by 5ft space in a private home, with nothing obstructing the “sight” of onlookers. (Read more Stranger Things Stories.)


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