Sand sculpture sends a message


GEORGE TOWN: It took some 700kg of fine river sand and water for visual artist Mohammad Ikhwan Ibrahim to create a nearly two-meter-tall sand sculpture at the Setia SPICE Convention Center here.

The 1.8x2m sculpture was made after five days of work by the 31-year-old man at the vaccination center (PPV).

Mohammad Ikhwan said the sculpture, which was completed in mid-July, was intended as a creative way to encourage people to get vaccinated.

“The sculpture is meant to be inspiring and stimulating, with one hand wearing a rubber glove and holding a vial of vaccine.

“It is also meant to honor the efforts of our frontline workers and healthcare professionals in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic,” he said when contacted.

The sand sculpture, which was done only with sand and water, should last three months if properly maintained.

“I have to spray water on it regularly to make sure it stays compact and doesn’t fall apart. Every week we have to check, ”Mohammad Ikhwan said.

Tourism and Creative Economy Committee Chairman Yeoh Soon Hin said the sand sculpture, designed as a decoration for the National Covid-19 Vaccination Program, was the first such art installation in a Nationwide PPV.

“The sculpture is a symbolic representation of the laudable rollout of vaccination in Malaysia and Penang so far, as we continue to move towards herd immunity.

“This sand sculpture is more than just a normal exhibition or exhibition. It is a living example of creative expression and artistic approach, which is one of the main axes of my new creative economy portfolio, ”he added.

Yeoh said the sand sculpture was a project started by the Sand Sculpture Art Club and sponsored by the Penang State Exco Office for Tourism and the Creative Economy.

He said that the ecological sculpture was made of a natural substance, which was fine sand from the river.

“It showcases the integration of sustainability into creative endeavors, aligning more with the state’s macro perspective, the Penang2030 Vision.

“The pandemic has undeniably hampered many livelihoods, especially those in the tourism and creative sectors.

“Nonetheless, I am delighted to hear that our creative players are seizing the opportunity to give back to the community in the face of adversity,” he said.

As more and more Penangites visit the SPICE Convention Center in Bayan Lepas, he hopes visitors can take a moment to appreciate the creative exhibit.

“They can take photos in remembrance of this sculpture and to celebrate their vaccination against Covid-19,” he added.

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