Dr Reddy’s Brushes Break Their Way Into Guinness World Records With Largest Toothbrush Tooth Sculpture | India News


Hyderabad: Pharmaceutical company Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd has made its way into Guinness World Records by creating the world’s largest toothbrush sculpture of a body part.
Named Fastminar, the 40-foot sculpture of a tooth that was made using nearly 80,000 toothbrushes has been certified by Guinness World Records as the largest toothbrush sculpture of a body part. in the world (sustained), said Dr Reddy.
The record-breaking feat saw the participation of 8,890 dentists across the country who provided toothbrushes for the construction of Fastminar in an attempt to bring attention to the topic of dentin and tooth sensitivity, treatment options, maximize awareness and encourage prompt action to bring sensitivity relief india.

The sculpture was created by the team of the major pharmaceutical company based in Hyderabad who manages Senquel F, its medicated oral gel offering. The monument was erected at Terna Dental College in Navi Mumbai where it will remain on display for 365 days.
Dr Reddy’s said that in keeping with his commitment to a greener and more sustainable lifestyle, toothbrushes and materials used in the monument will be dismantled, pulverized and reused in construction and construction activities a once the exhibition is over.
The unique monument was unveiled by the Honorary Secretary General of the Indian Dental Association, Dr Ashok Dhoble, in the presence of officials from Guinness World Records, Dr Reddy’s Labs and Terna Dental College.

Speaking on the occasion, IDA Secretary General Dr Ashok Dhoble said: “One in five people suffers from tooth sensitivity in India, and despite this prevalence there is often little timely corrective action against it. she. The main reason for this is poor understanding and low awareness of dentin hypersensitivity.
MV Ramana, CEO of Branded Markets (India and Emerging Markets), Dr Reddy’s Labs, said: “Minars are the pride of a city and their construction takes years. But our minar, which is a symbol of our promise to quickly relieve dentinal sensitivity, was built in just over a month in accordance with our “good health can’t wait” credo. Hence the name “Fastminar”.
Dentin hypersensitivity (DH) is one of the most common dental clinical conditions encountered in the general public and occurs as a result of exposure of the dentin portion of the tooth to the oral environment following loss of cementum or overlying enamel.
DH is initially experienced as episodic pain and can become chronic over time due to increased wear and tear on the teeth. It is a painful condition with a prevalence ranging from 4 to 74% worldwide among the adult population, said Dr Reddy, adding that in India the prevalence of hypersensitivity ranges from 40 to 50%. and is higher in patients aged 20 to 20 years. 50 years.

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