The Lionesses of England go home with a victory song and a dance

Hello, readers! It’s finally the weekend and we’re back with a selection of must-see videos from the week that has been.

We saw the Lionesses of England dancing on tables and serenading crowds to celebrate their historic win in the Women’s Euro 2022 final.

We also saw some adorable footage from a day in the life of a panda keeper.

And a group of friends dressed as sharks took us back to singer Katy Perry’s memorable 2015 Super Bowl halftime show.

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The Lionesses of England bring it home

England Lionesses crashed after the game press conference celebrating their victory in the women’s Euro 2022 final, chanting ‘it’s coming home’.

Lionesses party in Trafalgar Square

The celebrations continued for the England women’s football team, who serenaded everyone in London’s Trafalgar Square with their version of River Deep-Mountain High.

mysterious chasm

Chilean authorities are investigating a mysterious 200-meter-deep sinkhole that has appeared in the north of the country.

To look closer

This amazing drone footage captured silver lava churning.

Vault or chocolate?

This chocolatier’s vault won’t just melt in your mouth, it’s also fully functional!

@amauryguichon Safe chocolate! 💰 The little gold bars are too beautiful… better keep them locked up. #amauryguichon#saf#gOld # ♬ Accelerated – Adrian Berenguer

Incessant hugs

This keeper just can’t escape the hugs of these pandas as he cleans their enclosure.


In this unique example of co-parenting, Fig the cat comforts Olive’s pup.

@hannahcolson Baby daddy gets down to business #catdad #Golden retriever ♬ original sound – Hannah Colson

cow dam

Moooooove aside, this cow has places to be.

No water, please

It seems this little guy has found quite an adversary in the pipe.

A dancing parties

Seven years after Katy Perry’s halftime performance at the Superbowl, the Left Shark meme is still alive and well.

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