Naga Chaitanya is my first dance co-star: Daksha Nagarkar

Having won plaudits for his performances in films like Hora Hori and Red Zombie, Daksha Nagarkar has another interesting passage coming up. The actress is preparing to captivate the public in a special issue in Bangarraju in front of Naga Chaitanya.

Daksha prefers to call it a celebration song and not a special number.
“It’s a great festival song. The number is colorful and has all the typical Sankranti festival vibes and elements,” she shares, adding that she will be seen wearing a half saree in director Kalyan Krishna’s song.

Interestingly, she was initially reluctant to be part of the song. “A lot of people advised me not to do any special song as I have great scripts. So I was confused. Then I had a conversation with director Kalyan Krishna garu who explained the perspective of the song,” she says.

The actress believes the song will strike a chord with audiences. Since filming opposite Naga Chaitanya, she is confident that the masses will love her.
Daksha describes Chay as his “first on-screen dance co-star”. “We had a few rehearsals before leaving for the filming of the song. He was very patient and open when I repeatedly rehearsed a few moves,” Daksha reveals, adding that the experience of working for the song was amazing.

The actress bonded with Chay over jokes and also met Nagarjuna when he came to shoot her scenes for the film, which made it a “double delight”. She says she had several conversations with him. “I asked him about his fascination with tattoos, his love for snakes, etc. He even showed me his latest tattoos (full arm tattoo),” Daksha reveals.

Coming from a family of doctors, Daksha wanted to become a cardiologist, but fate had other plans. She entered a competition and to her surprise, she won it. Victory clinched Hora Hori (2016), his Telugu debut.

When she continued to make films like Hushaaru, Daksha realized acting was what she loved to do. “I fell in love with the job. In fact, movies taught me to be more open and outgoing. Before, I was introverted. I realized that I needed to have conversations with people from different walks of life,” said the Husharu explains the actress.

Daksha, who has just returned from vacation on the island of Madeira, Portugal, says she went there because it is famous for its yachts and beach parties. “But most other places are closed due to the spike in Covid-19 cases,” she says.

“The whole vibe of the place is amazing; I haven’t traveled out of the country since the pandemic hit, so I wanted to enjoy some downtime and ring in the new year. Also, I’m a huge football fan, especially Cristiano Ronaldo who was born in Madeira, so I wanted to visit the place.

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