Delhi police help dance teacher find job who lost livelihood during COVID-19

A Mumbai-based dance teacher named Balaji Sawalkar had lost all hope of fulfilling his dancing dreams until the Delhi police became his knight in shining armor. COVID-19 has taken everything away from the 44-year-old as the dance institute has been closed due to a severe lack of funds which could keep it afloat. It was called the Bali Step of Dance Classes, located in the Saki Naka area of ​​town.

Due to the pandemic, Sawalkar had to leave Mumbai in search of a job and another city where he could pursue his dance dreams. He taught about 85 students at the institute, and yet the situation was the same all over the country. Eventually he moved to New Delhi to start a new life.

The pandemic has taken everything away

Sawalkar is a professional dancer whose labor of love was the dance institute. According to The Indian Express, he took part in two world tours and shook a leg with prominent Bollywood stars. However, he faced the wrath of the pandemic which took everything away from him like everyone else. “I was running a dance institute in Mumbai, which was closed due to COVID-19 as I had no funds left to run it. I was short of money and left Mumbai. I went to four to five student houses in different locations including Odisha and Bihar,” he told the news publication.

Without success, he moved to the nation’s capital in an effort to start afresh. Sawalkar arrived on Diwali on November 4 and started living at the famous Bangla Sahib Gurudwara. He moved to a ‘Rain Basera’, a shelter provided for the homeless by the Delhi government. One day, an officer from the police station (SHO) came to the scene to bring the residents, including the dancer, to life.

He continues the conversation, “When the SHO asked about my area of ​​interest, I told him that I am a dance teacher and that I want to continue. Sir said that he will try to find me a suitable job.” Soon after, he was employed at ‘Sandoz’, a restaurant based in Connaught Place, where he earns ₹18,000 per month. While he works there, he hopes to relaunch his dance institute when things get better.

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