Dave Chappelle is part of Netflix’s new comedy festival because cancellation culture isn’t real


Him deeply offensive transphobic and homophobic jokes, Dave chappelle, will be performing at the ‘Netflix Is A Joke’ comedy festival, if you need more proof that the cancellation culture doesn’t actually exist.

Earlier this year, Netflix backed its decision to keep the Chappelle comedy special. The closest after being criticized for belittling the gay and trans communities.

In case you missed it, Dave Chappelle at one point used his platform to declare himself a “TERF Team” (aka a radical trans-exclusionary feminist), as well as to advocate for notorious transphobic / 2000 rats in a combination of skin. Jk rowling and homophobic rapper the baby.

co-CEO of Netflix Ted sarandos then defended the special, claiming in a email seen by Variety that “although some employees disagree, we strongly believe that on-screen content does not translate directly into harm in the real world.”

The comments – and the special – were quickly criticized by the queer community, which pointed out that trans people in particular already experience significant violence and harassment.

It also led to a massive backlash from LGBTQIA + Netflix employees, who organized a number of walkouts.

At the time, Dave Chapelle criticized criticism (the phrase most in 2021) like canceling culture, saying “Thank goodness for Ted Sarandos and Netflix: he’s the only one who hasn’t canceled me yet.”

And clearly, Chapelle was right: his appearance at the Netflix comedy festival is proof that being canceled for transphobia isn’t enough to get you kicked off the festival circuit.

The festival itself – which was originally scheduled for 2020 – is a series of over 100 Los Angeles-based stand-up shows that will take place in April and May 022. Ironically, part of the festival will be a show titled “Stand Out: An LGBTQ + celebration featuring Wanda sykes and Fortune Feimster.

Interestingly, queer and loml Australian icon Hannah gadsby was scheduled for the festival when it was originally announced according to Deadline. The comedian, who had already spoken of The closest when it premiered, no longer listed as one of the performers.

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