Dance Plus 6 host Raghav Juyal reacts to being called a “racist” for a music video of the show; said ‘I have immense love and respect for friends in the North East’


Actor, choreographer and presenter Raghav Juyal released a clarification on the music video for his reality dance show “Dance Deewane” and said it was “misunderstood”.

In a clip for “Dance Deewane 3” which went viral on social media, show host dancer Raghav Juyal is seen introducing a competitor from the Northeast while talking gibberish, apparently to poke fun at Mandarin, the language spoken by the Chinese people.

When the judges, including Madhuri Dixit and filmmaker Remo D’Souza, ask him what he’s trying to do, Raghav responds as he casually makes a racist remark about young contestant Gunjan Sinha.

“People may not be able to understand her Chinese, but they sure understand her dancing,” the 40-second clip was heard.

Raghav recently took to his Instagram account to clarify what he meant.

Raghav mentioned how the language of gibberish started when young contestant Gunjan said her talent was speaking Chinese gibberish. And since then the candidate has always been asked to speak the language because it was cute ever since a kid did.

Raghav said he has always been against racism. Juyal also said he has strong family ties in the northeastern towns and would never behave or take any action to make fun of them. He also said that he doesn’t follow any scripts and mostly does his job in a natural way and therefore not everything that happened was planned.

“When the kids come on the show, we ask them what their hobbies are. Gunjan said, ‘I can speak Chinese, I have this talent.’ And we used to laugh at the things that kids did. when we asked her to speak Chinese, she started speaking in gibberish. From there, we asked her to speak “Chinese” in each episode or ask her to speak in another language planet! ” he says in the video.

According to Raghav Juyal, in the later episodes, he featured Gunjan in the same Chinese gibberish before his actions on the series. “You won’t call me a racist if you saw the whole show,” he added.

Towards the end of his video, Raghav Juyal said he apologized to those whose feelings had been hurt.

“I’m so sorry that I hurt your feelings. It was neither my channel nor that of Colors for something like this to happen. But before I go viral and judge, I would really like you to watch this. entire show. ”he added.

Take a look at the video:

In the morning, Chief Minister of Assam Himanta Biswa Sarma said racism should be condemned “unequivocally” after a candidate for Guwahati on a dance reality show was subjected to racist rhetoric .

Dance Deewane’s third season, which aired earlier this year, wrapped up last month. Raghav was the host of the show.


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