Dan Walker sends a message to critics as he escapes dancing for the ninth week

Dan Walker of Strictly Come Dancing has addressed his critics by acknowledging that some viewers will be “furious” that he is still dancing after reaching week 10 of competition.

The BBC Breakfast host came bottom of the judges’ scores on Saturday and had been the favorite to be dismissed, but the public vote sent him straight to next week as he once again avoided the dance.

Tom Fletcher and his Welsh partner Amy Dowden became the eighth couple to be eliminated from Strictly Come Dancing 2021 on Sunday night after facing Rhys Stephenson and Nancy Xu in the dreaded dance during Musicals Week.

Dan went straight to social media to passionately defend his place in the dance competition.

He said: “I’m well aware that some people are mad that I’m still dancing, and that’s fine.

“I’ve never posted any of the thousands of positive messages we receive each week but, in the interest of balance, thank you to everyone who sends things like this.”

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He then posted several DMs he had received with enthusiastic support.

One said: “I hope you get millions of messages like this but – we’re still sitting here talking about what an amazing guy you are and how brilliantly you meet everything what you’re showing on TV. Our kids love team rides.”

Another said: “Hi Dan, I just wanted to send you a message to let you know that I think you are amazing!

“I am very inspired by you!

“As a big boy of 16 I’ve always felt really embarrassed about my height, but seeing you on Strictly inspired me to accept my height because it’s a good thing and a gift – thank you Dan.”

Another said: “Dan! I’m in Finnish Lapland and watched you dance on YouTube tonight. You were my absolute favourite! You made me smile from start to finish. All the best to spend the week next. So proud of you! X”

And a fourth message was the one Dan mentioned before on Strictly It Takes Two.

On Monday’s Breakfast show, he thanked everyone for their support and said he was “surprised like everyone else” that he was still in the competition.

It’s the second time Dan Walker has addressed the backlash – in pointed comments he made last weekend, he said he didn’t know who was voting for him.

There were Dan stans on social media who always support Dan and Nadiya.

Twitter user Charlotte replied: “Anyone who gets ‘mad’ because someone else is in a dance competition again, really needs to fill their life with something substantial. If your biggest worry in life is Dan in a contest, that doesn’t say much about Keep it up Dan, WE STRICTLY LOVE YOU!!”

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Jenny Wood added: “I’m not going to lie, I vote for Rose but you have every right to always be there and your pleasure when you do a good job is heartwarming, you and Rose are what it’s all about. acts”

And Dan then confessed: “I vote for Rose too”.

Daniel Kerley said: “Some people might get mad at their own shadow mate. I don’t personally watch the show, but keep dancing Dan Walker.

“You’d think that after all we’ve been through, people would be aware of being so hateful and negative and would support each other by texting each other”

@FMuscroft said: “Love Strictly this year – Dan is doing brilliantly. ‘Most Improved’ by farrrrr. Keep it up. You’ll win the damn show at this rate”

Audrey Hunter said: “Well said…this is the first show I voted for…..from week one to now @NadiyaBychkova you made him a dancer what you see with Dan is this what you get. A big family man, I wish he was my neighbor xx”

PatyButler said: “Dan danced brilliantly last night, I hope he doesn’t go tonight because he doesn’t deserve to be rejected.”

Fan @robbie123456780 replied: “I really enjoyed your routine last night Dan, also the BBC newsreader said you were resting today before practice next week. So my detective chief says that you made it again. Happy with that.”

* Strictly Come Dancing returns next Saturday on BBC1. Strictly It Takes Two will be on BBC2 at 6.30pm on Monday.

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