Check out TikTok’s favorite dance couple’s choreographed wedding entrance

If there’s one thing we’ve learned ICT Tac, is that no one forgets an epic dance move. From viral choreography to joyous wedding entrances, the dance floor has become one of the most popular wedding moments to capture in recent years — and social media has only raised the stakes. With plenty of creative ideas and inspiration to be found on the app, it’s no wonder couples everywhere are upping their game and embracing intricate choreography to their favorite songs. And with the current wedding boom showing no signs of slowing down, we expect even more excitement for the first dance in the months ahead.

So when famous TikTok dancers Marideth Batchelor and Austin Telenko announced their engagement, it was clear the internet was ready for a magical first dance. The couple, who met in a Halloween-themed production at Six Flags Great Adventure, quickly had to pivot their relationship (and career) in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As said at New York Times, they soon moved in together and began collaborating on dance content while live performances were on hiatus. After some discussion, they ended up creating a shared account called @cost_n_mayor. Success soon followed, and by November 2021, the pair had amassed over 2.7 loyal subscribers and their fair share of viral dance videos.

After a whirlwind engagement, the couple tied the knot on October 24, 2021. They even swapped wedding outfits for the following Halloween weekend (who has time for a couples costume while planning the wedding?) , dressing up as the upside-down bride and sharing the adorable outfit moment with their followers. But the main event was their gorgeous nuptials the weekend before.

True to form, Austin and Marideth Telenko not only planned a choreographed first dance for their entrance; they involved the whole wedding party, including parents, groomsmen and bridesmaids. The result? An unforgettable party to the tune of “Stayin’ Alive” by the BeeGees. After all, you can’t beat the classics.

Ahead, check out an exclusive first look at their dance party, captured by Sarah and Brandon Moviesdirectly from two professionals who know how to do things well.

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