A Joyless Monument to Diana, Princess of Wales | Sculpture


Jonathan Jones rightly criticizes the insufficiency of the statue of Diana (A Clumsy, Lifeless Sanctuary – The Statue of Diana is a piece of mindless nonsense, July 1). Its creator clearly lacks both the ability to observe and understand the subject. Where is Diana’s love and sympathy for the children in these joyless characters who fail to even make eye contact with each other? And where are the children? The taller figure seems to introduce us to a new species of miniature adult, their tiny heads being almost half the size of his and yet too small for their own height for them to be children.
Kate robinson
Malmesbury, Wiltshire

Did Jonathan Jones get up on the wrong side or did he just want to be added to the list of artists with whom he has a long feud? I hope he feels better after removing the invective from his chest, but can we see his sculptures? I could harshly criticize the books, articles, and research grant applications of other scientists, but at least I am able to write them and allow others to criticize them.
Prof. Mike Elliott
Leven, East Riding of Yorkshire

I couldn’t agree more with Jonathan Jones’ verdict on Diana’s new statue, but what is all this nonsense about the lost art of madrigals? A world of extraordinary and vibrant music awaits you, Jonathan, and I would be happy to direct you to some of its stars (Monteverdi, do you mind?)
Maggie Owen

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