Celebrate queer artists with these pride month playlists

Happy Pride Month, dancers! Some of the most influential dancers, choreographers and musicians in the dance world are members of the LGBTQ + community. To celebrate them in June, the editorial staff of Dance spirit have compiled a few songs from their favorite queer artists into playlists and (Dance Media style) organized them according to the dance style that works best for them.

(Although if you want to mix up some genres, we certainly won’t stifle your creativity!)

Also, consider this as your introduction to the official Dance spirit Spotify! Follow it and stay tuned – pun intended – for more music recommendations in the future.

Hip hop

Get your groove on with this playlist that offers a mix of tempos and genres for all of your hip-hop and street-dance needs. If your only exposure to Lil Nas X is “Old Town Road”, you will be impressed with its new releases as well. “Panini” is an upbeat, energetic banger to play in the classroom, at the gym, in the car … there’s no wrong answer here. If you’re looking for something more R&B, check out “Love Language” from singer, songwriter and dancer Kehlani. This versatile artist trained as a dancer before focusing on music, so it’s no surprise that her songs are perfect for choreography.


The best mix of ballet and jazz technique with heartbreaking emotion is lyrical, and these songs invite you to dance all your feelings. Float to the bittersweet lyrics of Moses Sumney’s “Plastic”, a melancholy track inspired by the myth of Icarus. Then dive into “Angels” by The xx, a moody track about unrequited love, perfect for an improv session.


This playlist offers a variety of styles to cover all of your bases. Sam Smith earned his place in Every Choreographer’s Playlist with his 2013 hit “Latch”. Their 2020 album Love goes features even softer pop options for the dancers, like the rhythmic melody “Diamonds”. Or go back to ’80s synth pop with “It’s a Sin” by Pet Shop Boys, a British duo that rose to prominence in 1981 and still creates combo-worthy bops today.


Lyrical’s slightly bolder counterpart challenges dancers to break the mold. “Pink + White”, by Frank Ocean, offers a groovy vibe with accents that need to be choreographed. Then indulge in some alternative indie music with Phoebe Bridgers, whose lyrics balance angst with dark, funny metaphors to inspire your movement.

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