Qld Hospital reviews staff complaints but not workplace culture

D’Ath said she supports Caboolture Hospital in revising its complaints process.

“I have no doubt that this happened as a result of the complaints that were initially brought forward which led to the review of Caboolture, on how they improved their processes internally,” said she declared.


“And make sure that if there are any complaints, and especially PIDs, that they are handled properly.”

His comments come amid fallout from an investigation into malpractice and cultural issues at another major upstate hospital.

Four clinicians and another staff member resigned and were referred to the ombudsman after a report revealed that inadequate care at Mackay Hospital contributed to the deaths of three babies.

This report, published last month, also revealed issues with incident monitoring, management of safety and quality complications and clinical deterioration at the facility between 2019 and 2021.

The Mackay catheter was ordered last year after patients complained of complications from caesarean sections and claimed they had been wronged by clinicians.

Nearly 100 women told investigators that they had been neglected, their problems had not been addressed, they had not been given follow-up appointments, they were in pain, or they had been referred to their GP.

According to the report, some 26 cases fell below expected medical standards, resulting in injury or bodily harm.

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