Nak Chambang’s music shows the culture of Bokator

One of the Bokator scenes from the Nak Chambang clip, which will be used during the Sea Games 2023 in Cambodia. Photo provided

The song Nak Chambang, or Warrior – produced to express the deep meaning and great values ​​of Khmer Bokator – was officially launched on Saturday and will be the song that the Cambodian SEA Games Organizing Committee (CAMSOC) will officially use for the first time. when Cambodia hosts the historic 32nd SEA Games in 2023.

A unique production, Nak Chambang’s accompanying video was filmed in important locations in Cambodia, especially in the Angkor area. The video aims to replicate the true story of when Bokator was used as a martial art by the army of the glorious Angkorian era. The unveiling of the song and its video was successfully held on Prey Sar Road.

Ou Dara, deputy secretary general of the Cambodian Boxing Federation and production manager, told the Post: “The release of the song was a great success, thanks to the large number of participants and the excellent reception from the public. The video is a combination of modern and ancient art, which combine to become a spectacle unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The content of the song is dedicated to our ancestors and the traditions and customs of martial artists and will inspire young people with the spirit of fighters who will preserve our unique heritage.

With performances by the Bokator Federation carefully filmed by Ream Productions, the video reveals the deep meaning and values ​​of Khmer Bokator – an invaluable asset that Khmer ancestors left behind for the next generation of Cambodians. Cambodia has eagerly filed Bokator for UNESCO World Heritage listing, to put the ancient Khmer martial art on the list of Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Seng Chamnan, General Manager of Ream Productions, said, “The production of this video is based on faithfulness to the spirit of Bokator – a masterpiece created by our Khmer ancestors – so the production must be very careful to get the best result. This song was made with the aim of promoting the potential and greatness of Khmer Bokator to the international community.

Sung by Bali and Tom, the 50-second teaser video garnered great interest due to the skillful performances of Bokator artists. The high quality of the production and the lively action left fans wanting more – many say the video looks like it was produced by international experts.

Nak Chambang was produced for use as the official theme song for the 2023 SEA Games. During the December 2021 inauguration of the Moradok Techo National Stadium – under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Hun Sen – teams from the Bokator Federation performed some of the main scenes from the video, generating great excitement from the audience, who saw the performances as declarations of their pride in their rich cultural heritage.

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