Mega Dance Company Spawned Culture of Sex, Silence, Say Dancers | app

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Each year, one of the world’s leading dance competition companies sells the dream of Hollywood fame to hundreds of thousands of ambitious young dancers hoping to launch a career in television, cinema and on stage.

But behind the bright lights and pulsating music, some dancers say they were sexually assaulted, harassed and manipulated by the company’s powerful founder and famous teachers and choreographers, according to a joint investigation by The Associated Press and the Toronto Star.

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kAm%96 $E2C’D AC:@C:?G6DE:82E:@? [email protected] 2==682E:@?D E92E {2KK2C:?: 925 DF3;64E65 2E =62DE D:I 52?46CD [email protected] F?H2?E65 D6IF2= 25G2?46D 2E qC62 [email protected] 2 [email protected]=6 😕 9:D A2?ED][email protected] D2:5 {2KK2C:?: E6IE65 96C 2?F56 D6=7:6 H96? D96 H2D `e]p E9:C5 D2:5 96 2?5 {2KK2C:?: 6I492?865 ?F56 [email protected]@D H96? 96 H2D `f]k^Am

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kAmv23C:6=[ H96? 2D<65 [email protected] |2A=6D’ 244FD2E:@?[ D2:5 😕 2 HC:EE6? DE2E6>6?E E92E 96 925 366? 5C:?<:?8 962G:=J E92E ?:89E [email protected] [email protected][email protected]= 762CD [email protected] D6C:@FD 962=E9 [email protected]=6>D 😕 9:D 72>:=J] w6 D2:5 96 >FDE 92G6 A2DD65 @FE 2?5 92D [email protected] [email protected]==64E:@? @7 D6?5:?8 E96 E6IE]w6 [email protected][email protected]:K65 2?5 D2:5 96 9:>D6=7 H2D 2 G:4E:> @7 23FD6 2D 2 E66?[ 2?5 E92E 9:D E6IED [email protected] |2A=6D H6C6 2 “@?6 E:>6 6G6C 3C:67 6I492?86]”k ^ Am

kAm%96p! 2?5 E96 $E2C 92G6?VE D66? E96D6 >6DD286D 3642FD6 |2A=6D D2:5 E96J’5 366? 56=6E65]|2A=6D’ >@E96C[ [email protected][ [email protected]=5 E96 ?6HD @C82?:K2E:@?D E92E D96 D2H E96 [email protected]@D H96? E96J 2AA62C65 @? D92C65 [email protected]@ 2=3F>D @? E96:C 72>:=J’D [email protected]>6 [email protected]>AFE6C]k^am

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kAmpD [email protected] E96 @E96C 2==682E:@? [email protected]> E96 E96? `[email protected]=5[ v23C:6= 56?:65 D6?5:?8 E96 [email protected]@[ D2J:?8 96 [email protected]=5 ?6G6C 6?8286 😕 “:[email protected]:2E6 3692G:@C E92E [email protected]=5 6G6C =625 [email protected] D6?5:?8 [email protected]>6E9:?8 =:<6 E9:DQ [email protected] 2 E66?]k^am

kAm$6IF2= 23FD6 A6CG256D E96 52?46 [email protected]=5[ [email protected]:?8 [email protected] 49:=5 [email protected] 2?5 :?5FDECJ =6256CD]k^am

kAm%96 [email protected]>3:?2E:@? @7 9JA6CD6IF2= 52?46 [email protected]?E6?E 2?5 E96 [email protected] [email protected]?E24E 36EH66? 25F=E E62496CD 2?5 E96 [email protected]?8 52?46CD 4C62E6D 2? 2E>@DA96C6 C:A6 [email protected] 23FD6[ D2:5 y2>2= [email protected][ 2 [email protected]:@?2= 52?46C [email protected] 😀 [email protected]:C @7 E96 }2E:@?2= s2?46 [email protected]>>:EE66 [email protected] %96 $4C66? [email protected] vF:=5 p>6C:42? u656C2E:@? @7 %6=6G:D:@? 2?5 #25:@ pCE:DED W$pvpu%#pX]k^am

kAm“[email protected]:@?2= 52?46CD DF776C 2 H:56 DH2E9 @7 D6IF2= AC652E:@? [email protected]> :CC:E2E:?8 7=:CE2E:@? [email protected] [email protected] 56G2DE2E:?8 2EE24[” 96 D2:5]k^am

[email protected]>6C qC626C [email protected]@K2:[email protected][ tC:4 [email protected]?[ 92D 366? 492C865 3J E96 #:G6CD:56 [email protected]?EJ s:DEC:4E [email protected]?6J H:E9 A6CA6EC2E:?8 =6H5 24ED @? >:[email protected] 😕 2 AC:G2E6 52?46 DEF5:@[ 2?5 😀 2H2:E:?8 EC:2=] p?5 7:G6 52?46CD 2C6 DF:?8 [email protected]>6C [email protected]@? q2==6E DE2C sFDEJ [email protected] ? 2?5 96C 9FD32?5[ 2==68:?8 D6IF2= 23FD6 2?5 2DD2F=E] [email protected]? E2F89E 2E #25:I [email protected]?G6?E:@?D]{2HJ6CD [email protected] [email protected]? 2?5 E96 [email protected]?D 5:5?VE [email protected]?5 [email protected] C6BF6DED [email protected] [email protected]>>6?E]k^Am

kAmpE =62DE [email protected] [email protected]=6 C6>@G65 [email protected]> qC62:[email protected]?5F4E 92G6 [email protected]?E:?F65 [email protected] [email protected]

kAmt2C=:6C E9:D J62C[ 27E6C v6JD6C [email protected]@< E96 96=> 2D rt~[ qC62< %96 [email protected]@C AF3=:D965 2 ?6H [email protected] @7 [email protected]?5F4E] xE 32??65 :?G:E:?8 DEF56?ED [email protected] [email protected]= [email protected]@>D 2?5 D2:5 :[email protected] [email protected]=5?’E 42== DEF56 ?ED E96:C “52F89E6C” @C “[email protected]?]” p?5 :E [email protected] 5:D4C6E:@? @?=:?6 C682C5:?8 “#6=:8:@?[ [email protected]:2= yFDE:46[ s:D4C:>:?2E:@?[ [email protected]=:E:4D[ {@G6 2?5 #@>2?46[ p3FD6[ |6?E2= w62=E9[ qF==J:?8[ 2?5 %[email protected]:D>]”k ^ Am

kAm%96 ?6H [email protected] @7 [email protected]?5F4E [email protected] D2JD [email protected] 2C6 [email protected]?D:56C65 >2?52E65 [email protected] C682C5:?8 DFDA64E65 49:=5 23FD6i “x7 [email protected] FH:E?6DD 2?JE9:?8 [email protected]?46C?:?8[ :E 😀 [email protected] 5FEJ [email protected] [email protected] :E [email protected] E96 [email protected]:2E6 [email protected]:E:6D]”k ^ Am

k9C ^m

kAm%9:D [email protected] H2D [email protected] 😕 A2CE?6CD9:AH:E9 E96 %@[email protected][email protected] $E2Ck^Am

k9C ^m

kAm%@ [email protected]?E24E p!VD :?G6DE:82E:@?D E62>[ A=62D6 HC:E6 [email protected] k2 9C67lQ>2:[email protected]:?G6DE:82E:G6o2A]@C8Qm:?G6DE:82E:G6o2A]@C8k^2mk^Am

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