Indonesians showcase their heritage at Taipei Culture Fair

Taipei, November 14 (CNA) The Indonesian community in Taiwan held an annual traditional cultural fair in Taipei on Sunday, allowing Indonesians to celebrate and showcase their rich cultural heritage.

The “Indonesia Tempo Doeloe II”, held at the Nanmen branch of the National Taiwan Museum, saw members of the Indonesian community from Taiwan celebrate their heritage with cultural performances, food, games and a parade. fashion.

Ethnic cultures from all over Indonesia were showcased at the event through performances and clothing, while food, clothing and products from various regions of the vast archipelagic nation like Bali and Surabaya were on sale. on stands.

Bagus Anggi Satriyo Mandiri, 29, a worker at the Taoyuan factory who is also the chairman of Himmas, the main organizer of the event, told CNA his main goal is to enable Indonesians in Taiwan to continue to embrace their rich culture.

Himmas is a student organization within Universitas Terbuka Taiwan, the Taiwanese branch of the Open University of Indonesia.

“We must continue to promote our culture when we are in Taiwan,” Bagus said.

It was important for Indonesians not to forget their culture when in another country, Bagus added.

At the end of September, there were a total of 245,365 Indonesian migrant workers in Taiwan, according to statistics from the Ministry of Labor.

As a factory worker and management student, Bagus said that education is very important for self-improvement.

“Education is important because it gives us an analytical mind and helps us give ourselves better lives,” said Bagus, who hopes to graduate next year.

Fajar Nuradi, director of the Department of Indonesian Citizens’ Protection and Social Culture at the Indonesian Economic and Trade Bureau in Taipei, was also on hand to support the promotion of his country’s culture.

“We have to keep in mind that we are Indonesians, we have to be proud of Indonesia wherever we are,” said Fajar.

One of the highlights of the event was a performance of the Barong, a mythical lion-like creature from Bali, which was followed by a fashion show featuring 29 people modeling traditional clothing from various regions of the world. ‘Indonesia.

Huang Sing-da (黃 星 達), head of the education department of the National Taiwan Museum, said the museum was honored to provide its premises for the event as it meant the inclusion of cultural collaboration.

“A museum is a place without borders, anything can be found here, and anything can happen here,” Huang said. “Wherever you are, wherever you come from, the museum is open to everyone.”

This year’s show is the second edition of the Indonesia Tempo Doeloe, the first having taken place in September last year at the same location.

(By William Yen)

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