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Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow — aka Joe Shiesty, aka Joey B., aka Joe Cool, aka Joe Brrr — has become something of a local hero. Since being drafted by the Bengals in 2020, Burrow has thrown for over 8,000 yards, rebounded from a season-ending knee injury in 2020 and was instrumental in the Bengals reaching the Super Bowl.

Cincinnati knew early on that Burrow would be good at football, but now he’s showing prowess in a completely different field: fashion. The Heisman-winning quarterback has recently sported a series of dripping looks, each demanding more and more attention.

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Crazy but comfortable

Below, CityBeat ranks five of our favorites.

No. 5: Crazy but comfortable

This look made the list because we love seeing Joe get comfy, but we know he can do better. Burrow wore the abstract chevron-patterned lounge set from Michael Jordan’s Nike line when the team arrived in Denver for a game against the Broncos on Nov. 20. He finished the look with a Dunder Mifflin beanie, Nike sneakers, tinted sunglasses and a red leather duffel bag. The man is masked and snug, but the pattern leaves a lot to be desired. But does it really matter since the Bengals won the game 15-10?

Click to enlarge Santa Swag - PHOTO: TWITTER.COM/KELSEYLCONWAY


Santa Swag

#4: Santa Swag

On Boxing Day, Burrow took the field and threw for 525 yards, beating the Baltimore Ravens 41-21. But even better than that glorious win, our favorite quarterback showed up to the celebratory post-game press conference donning a red beanie and Krusty Krab shirt (not his first or last fashion venture). Spongebob). Predictably, Twitter went crazy. Earlier today, Burrow was spotted wearing the same hat, a “Happy Holla Days” sweater and her now-famous pink shades. The Christmas motif reminded fans of Burrow’s celebrity lookalike, “the kid from Alone at homeaka Macaulay Culkin.

Click to enlarge Spongebob high fashion - PHOTO: TWITTER.COM/BENGALS


High Fashion Spongebob Squarepants

N°3: Spongebob Haute Couture

Burrow was born in 1996, and anyone born in that era knows that the greatest children’s television show was about a sponge that lived in a pineapple under the sea. Burrow showed his affinity for SpongeBob in many outfits , none more memorable than his bespoke suits from Cincinnati men’s boutique Hellman Retail Group. Clothiers helped dress Burrow during his time with the Bengals, including making the custom navy blue suit with purple stripes he sported with a purple and gold silk tie and SpongeBob pocket square before the Nov. 22 game. against the Washington Football Team (known as the Washington Commanders since February 2). The look was curated by Hellman Retail Group owner Chuck Hellman.

Click to enlarge Sexy shades - PHOTO: FACEBOOK.COM/CINCYSHIRTS


sexy shades

#2: Sexy Shades

After the Bengals won the team’s first playoff game in 31 years against the Las Vegas Raiders on Jan. 15, Burrow broke Twitter (and, based on comments, made some users extremely excited) with his thins. pink Y2K glasses. The spec, which teammate and receiver Ja’Marr Chase said was Cartier, drew comparisons with everyone from Robert Downey Jr. to Lizzie McGuire and Elton John. Cincy Shirts even created a Warhol-esque t-shirt with the look to commemorate the country’s collective obsession.

Click to enlarge Pimp My Burrow - PHOTO: TWITTER.COM/BENGALS


pimp my burrow

#1: Pimp My Burrow

Burrow showed up to the AFC Championship in Kansas City on Jan. 30 wearing a black turtleneck, fur coat and icy Nike chain (which he confirmed at a press conference that it was made of real diamonds). The look divided Twitter, but ignore the haters — it was Burrow at his best. Complex Sports tweeted the now-famous photo of Burrow in his look-at-me gear, and somehow we all should have known that a Super Bowl spot would inevitably be ours. “It was over when Joe Burrow came to Kansas City like this,” Complex Sports said. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson even posted a side-by-side to his own Twitter comparing Burrow’s look to Johnson’s dignified black turtleneck, chain and fanny pack photo, writing “Just two mean dudes with a dripping game strong and big football dreams. One goes to the Super Bowl and prepares to cement his grilling legacy. The other is only famous for sporting a fanny pack and a screwed up haircut.

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