VAUST studio’s JIGI poke restaurant spotlights fisherman culture

Jigi Poke restaurant shines a light on hospitality in times of pandemic

painted in a palette of warm, earthy colors and materials, the JIGI poke Restaurant in berlin, mitte is slowly reinventing hospitality in times of pandemic while highlighting the culture of fishermen. Designed by the VAUST studio, the new restaurant is now open to the public, and accommodates a limited number of diners at each table thanks to increased distance between each seat.

“Most of the seats are fixed to have a clear and manageable structure within the restaurant. guests place their orders at a stand-alone checkout, which transfers the task to an isolated preparation lab where the bowls are processed. the customer sits down and retrieves the tray once notified. the process avoids unnecessary crowds and waiting situations, ‘ develops the design studio.

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the fisherman’s lair: earthy, intimate and honest accents

the photograph of a Hawaiian fisherman from the year 1907 inspired the concept of JIGI poke interiors. the image shows a man sitting on a rock, preparing his fishing gear and wearing the bare minimum of clothing. ‘we appreciate the privacy, poise and honesty of this situation, ‘explains the team at the VAUST workshop.

Restaurant articulates these qualities through two curved concrete tables that complement each other and capture the attention of guests as central pieces of the restaurant. To complement these pieces, a combination of cut granite stones from Norway and wood stumps make up the seating arrangement. their roughly cut silhouettes, combined with the raw concrete surfaces of each table, echo the rocky textures found in the fisherman’s photograph.

The earthy and intimate design of the VAUST studio of the poke restaurant in berlin pays homage to the culture of the fishermen
the artificial stone, signature of the brand’s identity, turns in front of a window

JIGI poke floor and wall plastering captures warm tones and accentuates earthy interiors. meanwhile, linen curtains with a bespoke aluminum suspension system gently round off the seating experience. connecting all these elements together is a large stone, the mascot of the restaurant brand, which slowly spins in front of a window to attract the attention of passers-by and guests.

Finally, handcrafted concrete applications with a rough texture complement the stainless steel kitchen counters separated from the main area by a large wall of glass. with their tiled and steel surfaces, the interior of these spaces recalls the decor of a fish market.

The earthy and intimate design of the VAUST studio of the poke restaurant in berlin pays homage to the culture of the fishermen
each table can accommodate a limited number of guests to avoid overcrowding during a pandemic

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