Korean Diocese to revitalize missionary activities with culture

The Diocese of Incheon in South Korea has created a new committee to revitalize missionary activities and evangelism through culture and the arts.

The initiative is part of the diocese’s programs to mark its 60th anniversary of founding and the 200th anniversary of the birth of Saint Andrew Kim Tae-gon, the first Korean priest martyred in the 19th century.

The diocese established the six-member culture and arts committee on Nov. 5 with Father Kim Il-hoe as chairman, reports Korea Catholic Time. All members have experience and expertise in culture and the arts, including music.

The committee is responsible for the preparation and implementation of cultural projects including exhibition and performance spaces to enable believers and non-believers to participate in activities to express their love for culture and the arts. Catholics.

Father Kim, chairman of the committee, said the new body is timely because the diocese has organized a series of cultural and artistic events this year, not only for Catholics but for all in collaboration with the public authorities of the city of ‘Incheon.

“We plan to prepare a variety of events that believers and citizens of the territory of Incheon Diocese can participate in together, such as art and photography exhibitions,” Fr. Kim said.

The committee will organize the Sea Star Culture and Arts Festival and Peace All Together Festival in June 2022

The formation of the committee follows the establishment of the Peter Lee Yi Seung-hun Memorial and Historical Park at Jangsu-dong in Incheon in collaboration with the city authorities. Lee (1756-1801) was among Korea’s first Catholic martyrs.

The committee will organize the Sea Star Culture and Arts Festival and the Peace All Together Festival in June 2022 at St. Mary’s Hall in the Diocese. In October, in collaboration with the Association of Catholic Artists, the committee will organize a photography exhibition at the Incheon Arts Center which will be open to all citizens.

In November, a concert is planned to celebrate the establishment of the Peter Lee Yi Seung-hun memorial at the Incheon Arts Center and a music festival for young people and adults (19-45 years old) at the Boniface Auditorium of the Diocese of Incheon .

Incheon Diocese was established as an Apostolic Vicariate by Pope John XXIII on June 6, 1961. It was elevated to a diocese on March 10, 1962.

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It covers Incheon, a bustling port city of 2.8 million people and a business and transportation hub that includes the huge, state-of-the-art Incheon International Airport, the largest and one of the busiest in the country. .

Incheon is one of the largest dioceses with approximately 500,000 Catholics in some 122 parishes.

About 56% of the estimated 58 million South Koreans have no religion, 20% are Protestant, 8% are Catholic and 15.5% are Buddhist, according to government records.

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