‘dr. Phil’ employees allege toxic work culture on CBS Show

Current and former employees of Dr Phil compared the show’s control room to a “war zone”. In interviews with BuzzFeed, a dozen unnamed current and former employees of the show said it was toxic behind the scenes, so much so that it gave at least one employee “nightmares.” An executive producer would yell at staff members, especially low-level ones, threatening to fire them and insulting them, according to the report. “It was traumatic. It was the worst hour of your life,” one former employee said. Almost all of those employees told BuzzFeed that working on the show actively damaged their mental health. pretty miserable. You would walk into the building and there was just palpable fear and anxiety,” said another former employee. Seven employees said they were encouraged to perpetuate racist stereotypes on the show, while one said they had been “specifically instructed” to make sure an upcoming guest would be off their medication so they “look unstable”.Lawyers for Phil McGraw and executive producer Carla Pennington have “categorically” denied all allegations made in the story, with a Pennington lawyer calling the investigation a “clickbait story” and a “work of fiction”.

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