Andhra Pradesh: Rare Sculpture of Lord Ganesh Discovered at Macherla of Palnadu District | Amaravati News

AMARAVATI: A rare sculpture of Lord Ganesha in combat posture has been discovered at the famous Sri Chennakesava Swamy Temple of the city of Macherla in Palnadu district of Andhra Pradesh.
Although the Chennakesava Swamy Temple is a famous shrine in the district, the authorities did not notice the presence of the rare sculpture of archaeological significance in the temple. Renowned Archaeologist and CEO, Pleach India Foundation Dr. E. Sivanagireddy found the precious structure during his study trip in and around the town of Macherla as part of the “preserving heritage for posterity” outreach program on Sunday.
Sivanagireddy, who has been instrumental in uncovering historic structures in remote locations in Telugu-AP and Telangana states over the past four decades, was virtually shocked to discover the Ganesha Sculpture in an unusual posture in the temple. He spent several hours studying the details of the temple’s carving. “This is an amazing find for me as I have never come across such a sculpture in my long journey through the archeology wing,” Dr Reddy said.
He said it was carved on the middle part of Rangamandapa’s pillar. He said the panel is bounded by the narrative of Durasada Vadha (killing of Durasada, a devil) in which Ganesha kills the devil after a fierce fight as mentioned in Ganesha Purana. “Unlike the images of Ganesha usually seen seated in Lalitasana, this image of Ganesha holding Parasu (battle axe), Ankusa (goad) with both hands and battling the devil with two other hands stands in Alidhasana, a one of a kind posture “said Dr. Sivanagireddy.
He said that two contemporary sculptures of Ganesha engaged in the death of the devil Durasada were found at Pachchala Someswara temple in Panagal village in Nalgonda district and Lord Rama temple at Sattenapalli in Palnadu district which belong to 12th century AD. JC. He however said that Ganesha’s fighting posture in Macherla temple is rare. He said it was high time to protect these rare sculptures as they have great archaeological and historical significance. He called on the authorities to organize a legend board inside the temple complex with iconographic and historical details. Former Vice President Mandali Buddha Prasad, Pandit Bejjanki Jagannadhacharyulu, Pavuluri Satishbabu (Historian) and Chennupati Srinivasachary, Sculptor of Durgi were also present.

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