World’s Largest Tractor Sculpture Plan Comes To Life With WA Grain Farmers Fundraiser

Western Australian farmers are being asked to donate grain to help build the world’s largest tractor sculpture.

More than $ 250,000 has already been collected for Carnamah Big Tractor project in the Mid West WA, the organizers hope that the huge steel sculpture will become one of the largest “great things” in Australia.

“The monster tractor will be 11.5 meters high, 16 meters long and 8.5 meters wide, so it will be visible 2 kilometers from town,” said Hal Walton, Carnamah tractor collector and project sponsor.

The Carnamah Historical Society has opened a producer donation number with WA’s bulk grain handling cooperative, CBH, for farmers to support the project.

CBH recorded this week a tonnage record harvest in grain region of Western Australia, and there are still reaping high prices.

“The original tractor was used to clear a lot of the WA Wheatbelt,” Mr Walton said.

“It will be a gigantic recognition when he is seen, remembered and recognized by all who travel.”

WA’s own tractor

The Big Tractor sculpture will be five times larger than the tractor it is based on – the Chamberlain 40-KA, the first locally manufactured tractor in Western Australia developed in 1949.

Tens of thousands of tractors were built in Welshpool in the middle of the last century.

In the 1980s the Chamberlain company was taken over by John Deere, replacing the tractors’ iconic orange with green paint and ending Australian manufacturing in 1987.

“The Chamberlain has been instrumental in opening up vast tracts of farmland both in WA and across Australia,” said Big Tractor project chairman Brendan Haeusler.

The original Chamberlain 40-K prototype in 1945, which continued to be manufactured as the 1950s 40-KA.(Provided: Brendan Haeusler)

A record holder?

The proposed sculpture will weigh 37 tons and be constructed of pure steel, including the 7.3 meter high tires.

“Based on my research, no other tractor has been built to this size,” Mr. Walton said.

Bob Lukins, founder of the antique tractor collectors association Tracmach, had the idea for a large tractor two decades ago.

Five years ago Tracmach management began to seriously discuss the scale and logistics of a large tractor project for WA.

“People said it was too big,” Tracmach president John Piavanini said.

When built it will be one of Australia’s biggest iconic ‘big things’, although it will still be much lighter than the 97 tonne concrete Big Merino in Goulburn, NSW.

Bob Lukins stands next to a $190,000 tractor
Bob Lukins had the idea for a “big tractor” 20 years ago.(ABC Southwest: Jacqueline Lynch)

pay the bill

The Big Tractor would cost $1.1 million, the majority of which the project team hopes to receive in grants from state and local governments.

“We are quietly confident,” said Mr. Paganini about pending grant applications.

Once funded, Walton estimated construction would take between 12 and 14 weeks.

“We have $ 250 000 and our goal is to reach $ 330,000 [through CBH grain donations].”

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