Krohn Conservatory’s 2022 Butterfly Show Will Transport Cincinnatians to Ancient Egypt | cultural | Cincinnati

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Photo: Danielle Schuster

Butterflies of Bali took over the Krohn Conservatory in 2020 and 2021.

The beauty and mystery of ancient Egypt descend on the Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati – or at least its butterflies are.

Krohn announced the theme for his hugely popular annual butterfly show: Nile Butterflies. The show opens March 19 and ends June 19.

A description provided by Cincinnati Parks (which oversees Krohn) says the flower show will be “specifically designed to show just how lush and inviting ancient Egyptian gardens could be.” The design elements were taken from art found in Egyptian tombs and temples and recall images such as “orchards, palm trees and fish ponds with lotus plants”.

Along with the greenery, there will be hundreds and hundreds of butterflies, fluttering between the displays and landing on the guests.

In 2020, the Krohn Conservatory had to delay its 25th annual butterfly show, the Butterflies of Bali, due to the pandemic. It reopened in May 2021 with a reboot of the show.

Krohn Conservatory (1501 Eden Park Drive, Mount Adams) has yet to release ticketing and pricing details for the show. Visit for updates.

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