A conversation with Oliver Andersen-Cox Founder and CEO of Culture App: Ping Culture


Ping Culture is an app designed to revolutionize the way people hang out, making it simple, easy and fun to find amazing places in seconds. We offer a holistic approach – anyone can book, buy tickets, buy tickets, and whatever else you might need to go out, all in one place.

We’ve also just launched our frictionless loyalty system which links your bank / credit card through the app, and when you buy something from our partner sites you are rewarded the second you make the purchase (using your card, so no additional steps required!)

How did you come up with the idea for the business?

I was living in Bali on an island called Gili Trwawngan, and one night as I was riding my bike home, I realized that nothing solves the problem of finding exactly what you want to do on a night or a day quickly and easily, and if anything tried, you still needed countless extra steps to book, get directions etc.

How has the business evolved during the pandemic?

The pandemic has completely changed our profession. We were originally supposed to get started in Cape Town because I lived there with my co-founder – and of course the pandemic sent us home. We were forced to face the beast that is London, and seeing how the pandemic was wreaking havoc on the industry we were about to enter was a game changer. We’re integrating Covid-related features to help people learn about rules and regulations place-by-place quickly and easily.

We’ve also designed a dashboard to accommodate all of this so that businesses have a revolutionary way to communicate with customers through push notifications. People could now get updates on Favorite Bars the second they were created, and that meant more missed or ignored marketing emails!

We then saw how bars were going out of business and creating insane deals to lure people in, which meant they were taking huge losses on their margins. So we launched our loyalty system which rewards people for their spending and actively encourages users to spend more to unlock amazing rewards on these sites.

What can we hope to see from Ping Culture in the future?

We’re just getting started and we’re going to hit the rest of the UK this year as well as Europe and of course Cape Town. We have some awesome features coming up, and they’re all based on user / business feedback.

You can expect more and more amazing places to reward you for your outings, as well as exciting events at all of our partner venues with some really big names in attendance.

We are super excited!

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